Open Range Hay

We are professional horse people that have served the horse industry for over 40 years. We have numerous clients that have various interests in the horse world.

Truck Defender

Protect your investment with Truck Defender aluminum bumpers and accessories. We are dealers for these high grade aluminum pick up and truck bumpers, made in Vail, SD.

Hay For Sale

With our horse business we need hay and a lot of our horse clients need hay. As we sourced our hay we bought extra hay for our clients. Our hay business has grown from our own sourcing of hay for us to selling to the public all types and size of hay – grass, mixed and Alfalfa. Our hay is for sale to anyone who needs hay.

Horse Training

Our main business is training horses, primarily Appaloosas and Quarter horses. Our horses and clients have won many National and World Championships throughout the years. Generally we have a few show horses for sale.

Horse Leasing

We also lease trail riding horses. By leasing a trail horse on a yearly basis you can enjoy your horse and not deal with all the time consuming work horses cause.