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Nemmers Horse Lease Program Spend your valuable time riding and enjoying your equine partner instead of spending countless hours maintaining your horse's basic needs and facility upkeep. This 12 month lease is designed to provide you with a specific horse to ride and allows you to build a relationship with the same partner ride after ride.

Our program is designed for the active equine enthusiast that does not have time, facility or mode of equine transportation. This program will allow you to maximize your equine enjoyment of riding your trail horse in the Rocky Mountains and not having to deal with the time consuming details; no farrier appointment, no vet calls, no finding hay, fixing fences, maintaining your vehicle and trailer.

In this 12 month lease, we will provide you with your own horse, provide professional training for trail and trail competition, keep your horse legged up, provide weekly transportation for your horse to various trails to ride, professional advice for improving your horsemanship skill. And if weather does not permit outside riding we haul into a large heated arena to ride. Our home facility has a large outdoor arena with a trail pattern set up, a large open arena and an indoor arena. You will be provided with a reliable horse partner that meets your skill set and equipment. If that horse becomes unusable a new equine partner will be provided.

Your time will be spent with your horse, improving your horsemanship skills, not cleaning stalls, hauling hay, making appointments with your farrier and vet. If a lameness or death occurs, it is the programs loss, not yours.

Professional horseman will be available to provide valuable tips on improving your skills and will make your rides more enjoyable.

Your equine partner will be available weekly for Rocky Mountain trail rides only for you, and if a family member would care to join you a dependable horse within the program will be provided.

All horse owners go through the same process; it generally takes 3 or 4 horses to find the perfect equine partner. How many times have you heard a friend say they would like a better horse but haven't been able to get their investment in their past horse in order upgrade? Let the lease program take the risk and let professionals hand pick the horses for your perfect equine partner!